Nothing Justifies Genocide.


37,202 have been killed

- 15,000 children

84,932 are injured

10,000 are missing

Occupied West Bank

544 have been killed

- 134 children

5,000 are injured


1,139 have been killed

8,730 are injured

*Last Updated Jun 13, 2024
Source: Israel Occupation Force, Al Jazeera, Palestine Red Crescent Society, Government media office in Gaza
People of Palestine are more than just numbers.

Spread Awareness

Together, let's shed light on the stark reality of the situation. Each number represents a human story — innocent lives lost, injured, or missing.Share these numbers on your social media platforms. Every share counts; every number deserves to be heard.

Here are a few suggestions for making a positive impact:

  1. Join local community/show up to protests, or start your own.
  2. Keep yourself informed and follow important social media accounts.
  3. Donate to people in Gaza if you are able to.
  4. Cancel and stop supporting companies that contribute to Genocide.

Recognize that...

  • This is not a religious war.
  • This is not about hating people based on their religion, skin color or country of origin.
  • This is about rights of the Palestinian people.
  • This is about stopping a GENOCIDE of Palestinians.
  • This is about freedom for all.
  • This is about ending injustice, apartheid, and racism.
Smoke and Flames over Gaza
Smoke and flames rise after Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, Gaza on October 10, 2023. Palestinian Foreign Ministry claimed that Israel used phosphorus bombs in its attacks on populated areas in Gaza. (📷Ali Jadallah)